Smart and simple meeting recording app that sits on your sales person’s mobile

Use Little Bird Medical to make the invisible visible: hear how well your sales people are performing in call at any time, right across the country

Little Bird Medical Features


Record your sales meetings to give insight to management

Instant Reporting

Generate bespoke reports on key topics


Listen to customer meetings and give feedback in your own time

Effective Field Visits

Plan and target management field visits far more effectively

Fix Fast

Quickly identify areas of developmental need within your sales team

Training Archive

Create an archive of best practice training content

Field Coaches

Match sales people with coaches and mentors for additional development

Training Workshops

Follow-up training workshops in 'real-life' easily and cost-effectively

Shift Focus

Provides the data to shift focus from what sales people know to what they actually Do

Disruptive Technology

Curbside coaching is slow, inconvenient, wasteful and hugely expensive.
Little Bird Medical is fast, easy, effective and cheap!

Curbside coaching uses planes, trains, automobiles, restaurants and hotels.
Little Bird Medical uses smart secure cloud based digital technology.

  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Effective
  • Cheap
  • Secure
  • Cloud Technology


Little Bird Medical

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Little Bird Medical - Benefits

  • Insight into plan execution and implementation
  • Use data to save time and money
  • Fast, easy, and cheap improvements in sales effectiveness
  • Rapid response to problems - with evidence
  • Maximises compliance and pharmacovigilance
  • Optimises and archives call reporting, record keeping and searchable note-taking for analysis
  • Instant visibility of how the sales team are performing in call whenever it's needed
  • Listen to your nationwide sales team from your office whenever you choose
  • Tracking of key message delivery
  • Listen to real-life customer reactions
  • Change and fix things quickly!
  • Huge efficiency gains in time and money
  • Improve compliance AND sales effectiveness
  • Shine a spotlight on sales performance and sales manager performance
  • Field Visit prioritisation use data to decide who, why and when?
  • Pinpoint coaching topics and prepare discussions in advance of a field visit or call
  • Cheap, fast and easy coaching follow-up
  • Avoid unnecessary field visits
  • Fix problems fast - with evidence
  • Share Best Practice effortlessly across the team with the Playlist function
  • Fast and efficient evidence-based Training Needs Analysis
  • Rich real-life digital content for inclusion in training programmes
  • Rapid new starter onboarding
  • Easy and convenient workshop follow-up
  • Scope to develop mentors and coaches across the business wherever they live
  • Increased sales through improved call-planning
  • Recognition for all their good work
  • An archive of their improvement
  • Visibility of what the Top Performers are doing
  • Self-awareness and accountability for their own performance
  • Fast and convenient access to feedback and development
  • The most comprehensive, time-saving, note-taking tool ever
  • Increased trust and transparency
  • A record of what was said and by whom
  • Reassurance they are being listened to and their time is being valued
  • Reassurance their supplier takes compliance, mis-selling and evidence-based medicine seriously

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Little Bird Medical shifts the focus from what sales people KNOW to what they actually DO.

It can shift the focus from LEARNING the sales materials & strategy to IMPLEMENTING them.

Without Little Bird Medical sales managers simply don't have the time, resources or data to truly optimise performance.

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